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(Scarlet Fantasy) [Torrent]

'This book was incredible! It was full of adventure, fantasy and mystery! It is great to read and one you start to read it you dont want to stop. I would recommend to ages 10+. Also I would recommend to anyone who loves adventure and mystery.'

(Scarlet Fantasy) [Torrent]


It's been a busy time for Final Fantasy XVI. As the series' next numbered entry, it makes sense that the game's had a fairly long marketing campaign -- it was announced in 2020 with a trailer, but the game's second trailer, along with a torrent of information, arrived in 2022. The Final Fantasy XVI Dominance trailer, complete with a wave of newly confirmed "Eikons," the game's take on the summon monsters that have defined Final Fantasy for decades. A third trailer landed in October, making the game's focus on Eikons even more explicit. Each Eikon has a "dominant," a specific summoner who wields their powers. Clive, the protagonist, is the guardian of his younger brother, Joshua, the dominant of Phoenix. Clive himself appears to be the dominant of Ifrit, a powerful fiery Eikon and one of Final Fantasy's oldest and most popular summons.


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