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Where To Buy Agendas ((EXCLUSIVE))

Another important question to ask yourself is when and for how long you intend on using the planner. Some agendas on this list are designed for limited spaces of time (e.g., six weeks or three months at a time); others are undated so that users can focus on accomplishing specific short-term goals. Other goal-oriented planners include inspirational quotes, tips on staying focused, and other tools meant to guide you along your journey. Meanwhile, more traditional, dated planners and agendas simply lay out the entire calendar year or school year.

where to buy agendas

Finally, consider size and durability when buying a planner. If you carry around a big bag and/or if you need as much space as possible in your planner (for note-taking, mind-mapping, etc.), then a large planner may be best for you. On the other hand, if you need your planner to live and plan on taking it just about everywhere you go, go for a small planner. And if, like me, you tend to be rough on your items, look for a sturdy, hardcover planner so that you don't accidentally rip it to shreds within the first few weeks of use.

For a classic option, go for Moleskine's 18-month weekly planner, which comes in a variety of colors. You can choose between the smaller 3.5 x 5.5 inch or the larger 5 x 8.25 inch one. This way, whether you have a roomy backpack or a modest-sized purse, you'll be able to stash this pick wherever you go.

This planner is perfect for people who, like me, sometimes go a week or so at a time without touching their planner. The flexible, undated layout of this option, coupled with a handy removable calendar clip, allows users to use the planner whenever they'd like, take a break when appropriate, and then pick back up where they left off. You can kiss wasted pages goodbye!

Are you looking for a specific Escher product? Then you've come to the right place. We have an extremely extensive range of Escher products. From greeting cards, notebooks and notepads to calendars and agendas. And that's not all. Escher's work also fits perfectly on place mats and napkins. We have designed every product in our own Studio Blitz.

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Retailers are steadily moving beyond "omnichannel" into a world where shopping journeys move fluidly across physical stores and websites, social media, marketplaces and more. Internal strategic alignment balanced with a relentless focus on providing customer value is key to ensuring successful omnichannel experiences. In this Track Keynote, the executive driving the omnichannel transformation of a major home improvement retailer will share her strategies and tactics.

Retailers are steadily moving beyond "omnichannel" into a world where shopping journeys move fluidly across physical stores and websites, social media, marketplaces and more. Internal strategic alignment balanced with a relentless focus on providing customer value is key to ensuring successful omnichannel experiences. This session will feature a conversation with two business leaders discussing the strategies, technologies and data-focused initiatives that their organizations have implemented to reinvent themselves for the omnichannel world, and beyond.

Despite high-profile equality efforts across the industry, the retail world remains far from achieving gender parity in the C-suite and at all levels of management. Too many workplaces have yet to undertake the deep self-examination required to create a culture where all women feel valued and supported, are provided the same opportunities to grow their careers, and are treated and compensated fairly. In this panel discussion, brand and retail executives will share the concrete ways they are empowering women across their organizations, and how they're preparing them to take on and succeed at leadership roles.

Advances in AI and automation are helping retailers unlock efficiencies and deliver a better customer experience while enabling workers to do more fulfilling tasks. In this session, we'll hear from executives at leading companies that have deployed innovative automation solutions in stores, warehouses, the back office or elsewhere, exploring what they've learned from these initiatives.

Retail innovation today can come from anywhere, with groundbreaking innovations and new trends taking off around the world. In this session, retail leaders will discuss their latest innovations, and compare and contrast how retail is evolving in their markets and regions.

Retailers and brands are tapping into a dizzying array of tools and platforms that allow consumers to transact anytime and anyplace. These include taking voice technology beyond shopping list creation to actual purchase completion; adding transactional capabilities so consumers can buy on apps like Instagram and Pinterest; and interacting with customers on platforms like Twitch. Virtually any digital channel can now support a "buy" button, decreasing friction but increasing complexity. In a series of case study interviews, retail and brand leaders will share examples of how they leverage partnerships, data and the most relevant technologies and channels to enable seamless and consistent "commerce everywhere" experiences.

Brands continue to rethink their wholesale and direct-to-consumer strategies. Advances in commerce platforms and supply chain and fulfillment technologies have made it easier for DTC businesses to succeed, while providing them with rich consumer data. However, operating and scaling a DTC business remains challenging, and for most companies success requires finding an optimal balance between wholesale and DTC. This session will feature a discussion with brand leaders talking about how they're finding that balance, and where they see their DTC and wholesale businesses in the future.

In 2023, discussions of supply chain chaos are passé. Leading brands and retailers have already rethought their supply chains and are investing in the skillsets, technologies and partnerships that enable them to get materials and products where they need to go, both downstream and upstream. In this session, we'll hear from three senior executives about managing a complex global supply chain; strategically leveraging returns; and more, all to stand out from competitors and grow their businesses.

Like all parts of the retail industry, the merchandising function is adapting to a world where everything changes faster, and where unpredictability is the norm. Merchandising professionals have improved data quality, yielding better awareness of everything from inventory location to shifting demand. They are also evolving their relationships with brands and manufacturers, shifting expectations for existing ones and diversifying with new partners as well. This session will feature interviews with three executives talking about ways they are making their merchandising capabilities more agile and adaptable.

Brands have grown accustomed to incorporating purpose into their businesses and brand stories by giving back to their communities or otherwise improving the world. Meanwhile, political developments have pushed corporations into far more tempestuous political waters. Brands find themselves in an environment where implementing policies and speaking out on issues some customers expect and demand inevitably alienates others. This session will feature a presentation by a leading expert on navigating today's landscape of purpose, politics and activism. We'll also hear from three executives on how they make these difficult decisions on when to act and speak out.

Clarifai, a leading AI company, is hosting a private breakfast roundtable on Tuesday March 28. Join Founder and CEO Matt Zeiler and your peers for a lively discussion about the fast-paced advances in AI that are changing the face of retail for consumers and brands everywhere. Space is limited, reserve your spot today.

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