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How To Download Buku Islam Liberal 101 PDF For Free _HOT_

Download Buku Islam Liberal 101 PDF and Learn the Basics of Islamic Reformism

Are you interested in learning more about the Islamic liberal thought, a new school in Islamic thought that comes up to respond to the current image of Islam associated with violence, radicalism, and terrorism? If so, you might want to download buku Islam Liberal 101 PDF, a book written by Akmal Sjafril, a civil engineering graduate from ITB who explains the origin, aim, and epistemology of Islamic liberal thought.

How to Download Buku Islam Liberal 101 PDF for Free

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Buku Islam Liberal 101 PDF is a book that is specially intended for the general public who are not familiar with the stream of thought that calls itself Islam liberal. This book explains the war of thought that caused the infiltration of foreign thoughts into Muslim countries, and also discusses the modus operandi and rhetoric that are commonly used by Islamic liberals in promoting their thinking.

The book consists of five chapters: Chapter 1: Ghazwul Fikriy (The War of Thought), Chapter 2: From West to East, Chapter 3: Modus Operandi, Chapter 4: Their Mockery, and Chapter 5: Al-Munaafiquun (The Hypocrites). The book also includes forewords from Ahmad Sarwat, Lc., Dr. Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi, Prof. DR. KH. Didin Hafidhuddin, M.Sc., DR. H. Suhairy Ilyas, DR. Adian Husaini, Salim A. Fillah, and Helvy Tiana Rosa.

By reading this book, you will be able to understand the basic concepts and arguments of Islamic liberal thought, as well as the critiques and refutations from the traditionalist or fundamentalist perspective. You will also be able to see the weaknesses and fallacies of Islamic liberal thought, as well as the dangers and challenges it poses for Muslim society.

If you want to download buku Islam Liberal 101 PDF for free, you can visit some of the websites that provide this service. However, you should be careful and make sure that the website is trustworthy and does not contain any viruses or malware. Alternatively, you can also buy the book online from Amazon or other platforms that sell books.

Download buku Islam Liberal 101 PDF today and enrich your knowledge about Islamic thought!

What is Islamic liberal thought? Islamic liberal thought is a new school in Islamic thought that tries to reinterpret the Islamic sources and teachings in a way that is compatible with modern values and realities. Islamic liberals claim that Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, democracy, human rights, and pluralism. They also argue that Islam does not prescribe a specific political system or a fixed set of laws, but rather allows for diversity and flexibility in different contexts and situations.

Islamic liberal thought emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a response to the challenges and changes brought by colonialism, modernization, and Westernization. Some of the pioneers of Islamic liberal thought were Jamal al-Din al-Afghani, Muhammad Abduh, Rashid Rida, Muhammad Iqbal, and Ali Abd al-Raziq. They advocated for reform and renewal in Islamic thought and practice, and sought to reconcile Islam with modern science, philosophy, and politics.

However, Islamic liberal thought also faced criticism and opposition from the traditionalist or fundamentalist groups who accused them of deviating from the true teachings of Islam and compromising with the enemies of Islam. They argued that Islamic liberals were influenced by Western ideologies and agendas, and that they distorted and diluted the Islamic sources and principles. They also claimed that Islamic liberals were not qualified or authorized to interpret the Islamic texts and issues, and that they lacked the proper knowledge and methodology. 04f6b60f66


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