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Taking place in a shikumen in Shanghai from 1999 to the modern-day, Li Mo has a friendly relationship with Xiao Yu. After Xiao Yu got injured trying to go back home, Li Mo carried her on his back to her apartment. Since Xiao Yu could not go to school due to her injury, she asks Li Mo to record the lessons in cassette tapes so she may listen to the tapes and learn what she missed. Xiao Yu later responds back to Li Mo in cassette tapes and the two develop a romantic relationship with each other. Soon, Xiao Yu told Li Mo that her family is making her apply to an elite high school far away and that they would have to move away, angering Li Mo. Li Mo later decided to apply to the same high school, though the academic gap between Li Mo and Xiao Yu was large. Li Mo, through hard work and a studious behavior, got accepted into the high school, and when he went to Xiao Yu's apartment to tell the news, he learned that Xiao Yu is in the hospital after her father beat her for failing the application test. Li Mo did not get the chance to see her since his family had to move away to live close to the high school. Now an architect, Li Mo recently learned that Xiao Yu went to the United States to study abroad, much to his dissatisfaction. After finding a cassette tape from Xiao Yu, Li Mo went into his grandmother's home to find a recorder. The tape revealed to Li Mo that Xiao Yu purposely failed the application test to stay with Li Mo, prompting Li Mo to mourn for his actions. Years later, Li Mo, now taking care of his own motel in a renovated shikumen, sees Xiao Yu in the front door and smiles.

You have requested : Three.Pines.S01E03.MP4.DUB...

Just watched this episode and I could have sworn I heard Hard Times. Went back and listened again. Whilst the track in the boutique does sounds like Janis Joplin, the very last refrain is definitely Hard Times by Midnight Addiction, just before it cuts to Box and Dawson in the car.

The romantic comedy follows the misadventures of Raku Ichijo, a high school student who is the son of a yakuza leader, as he is forcibly paired with Chitoge Kirisaki, a transfer student with a conflicting personality who is the daughter of a rival gang leader, in a pretend dating relationship to quell the feud between the gangs. As Raku pines for the affections of his crush Kosaki Onodera, he learns that the girls have been carrying keys that could unlock his locket, a symbol of his past love.

The first season was animated by Shaft and directed by Naoyuki Tatsuwa, with Akiyuki Shinbo serving as chief director and series composition writer. Shaft, under the pseudonym Fuyashi Tou, co-composed the series with Shinbo. Naoki "naotyu-" Chiba and Kakeru Ishihama composed the music for the first six episodes, and Tomoki Kikuya composed the music for episodes 7 through 20. Nobuhiro Sugiyama (Shaft) designed the characters and served as chief animation director alongside Kazuya Shiotsuki (Shaft). Starting at episode 9 and continuing through the rest of the season, Shinya Nishizawa joined Sugiyama and Shiotsuki as a chief animation director. Six episodes were outsourced outside of Shaft: episodes 3, 10, and 16 to Mouse; episode 6 to Shenron Frame; episode 8 to Studio Fantasia; and episode 12 to Digital Network Animation.[a] A 3-episode OVA series featuring most of the same staff was produced in October of 2014 with most of the same staff with the exception of the chief animation directors: all of the episodes have Nishizawa and Sugiyama; however, Shiotsuki was only involved with episode 1, and episode 3 adds Akihisa Takano (Shaft).

Raku and Chitoge go to a restaurant where Marika has a part time job as a waitress, though she is not very good at it and the manager only tolerates her constant mistakes because her cheerful personality draws in a lot of customers. The restaurant is suddenly swamped by both Raku's fathers Yakuza gang and Chitoge's fathers Beehive Gangsters. Raku and Chitoge pretend to be on a lovey dovey date so both gangs will behave. A fight almost breaks out when Marika hugs Raku in front of everybody. Marika's fathers riot police also arrive and a three way fight between the Yakuza, police and gangsters almost destroys the restaurant. As this would put Marika out of a job she angrily drops her polite, feminine persona and throws all three gangs out of the restaurant by herself, shocking everybody. She admits she values her job because she is saving up to pay for her and Raku's wedding and a house. At her home Marika, who has dutifully saved all the money she has earned, has a picture Raku drew from 10 years ago of his ideal house.

Kosaki assumes she is gaining weight after checking their scale and prevents herself from eating excessively which proves to be difficult for her. Noticing Kosaki's adversity, Raku tries to present her with her favorite treat but Kosaki storms off. In the end, Raku advises Kosaki to have a proper diet due to her slender figure. Meanwhile, Haru discovers that their scale is defective.

CONS: LOTS AND LOTS OF POP UP ADS!!! Seriously, it can get pretty annoying. When I watch on these sites, I usually download the episode then watch it to not deal with pop ups, but seriously, go at your own risk ;_) Unless you have an Adblock, in which case you have nothing to lose!

CONS: Easiest way to get episodes taken down, a LOT of people clickbait, and oftentimes episodes are posted in very low quality or in a million parts. And by the time you find the episode, you probably would have gotten spoiled anyway!

The NBC comedy, which debuted in 2005, followed the extraordinarily amusing lives of Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesley, and other employees at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. And even though The Office has been off the air since 2013, fans have yet to stop obsessing over the nine glorious seasons. 041b061a72


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