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Pokemon Scarlet Violet PC Game Free Download

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Okay okay okay, i havent played scarlet or violet yet but i played every other core pokemon game and this theme rocks. Gen rival 3, 5(black and white) 6 are amazing but this one is on a whole another level

Remember, Pokémon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet will roughly need 10GB each, so 20GB if you have both versions of the game. Therefore make sure you have enough storage and know how to download the game from the eShop.

Mystery Gifts are returning for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and that means you'll be able to get various Poké freebies over the coming months (and years!). The Pokémon Company and Nintendo will be releasing various special distributions for the games to give fans unique rewards, and we'll be keeping a handy list of them right here.

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The game file size listed for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet indicates that both titles are 7GB. Of course, that means anyone who is looking at picking up the double pack will need to make sure they have 14GB of free space in order to download both games.

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero is available to purchase on the Nintendo eShop, and gives you immediate access to new in-game uniforms. If you buy it by Oct. 31, you'll get a Mystery Gift code to download a Hisuian Zoroark (previously seen in Pokemon Legends: Arceus).

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