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How To Access The US Pharmacopoeia Online For Free

How to Access the US Pharmacopeia Online for Free

The US Pharmacopeia (USP) is a compendium of standards and practice guidelines for the quality and safety of drugs, biologics, dietary supplements, food ingredients, and healthcare products. It is published by the US Pharmacopeial Convention, a nonprofit organization that works to improve global health through standards setting and public policy advocacy. The USP is recognized as the official standard by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and many other regulatory authorities around the world.

How to Access the US Pharmacopoeia Online for Free

The USP is updated annually and consists of five volumes: USP 42-NF 37 (2022), USP 41-NF 36 (2018), USP 40-NF 35 (2016), USP 39-NF 34 (2015), and USP 38-NF 33 (2014). Each volume contains monographs, general chapters, reference standards, and other information on various topics related to pharmaceuticals and healthcare. The USP also publishes supplements, interim revision announcements, revision bulletins, and notices of intent to revise to keep up with the latest scientific and regulatory developments.

Accessing the USP online can be very useful for pharmacists, researchers, students, manufacturers, regulators, and consumers who need reliable and authoritative information on the quality and safety of drugs and other products. However, accessing the USP online can also be very expensive, as the subscription fees range from $1,000 to $10,000 per year depending on the type and number of users. Fortunately, there are some ways to access the USP online for free or at a reduced cost. Here are some of them:

  • USP website: The USP website ( offers free access to some sections of the USP online, such as the compendial tools, dissolution chromatographic database, herbal medicines compendium, medicines quality database, safety data sheets, newsletters and updates. You can also find free information on the USPs impact, work, products, solutions, events, training, and opportunities to get involved.

  • USP Education: The USP Education ( offers free access to some courses and webinars on various topics related to the USP standards and practice guidelines. You can also find free resources such as videos, podcasts, articles, case studies, quizzes, and certificates of completion.

  • USP Open Access Program: The USP Open Access Program ( offers free access to the full text of the USP online for eligible academic institutions in low- and middle-income countries. The program aims to support education, research, and innovation in these countries by providing access to high-quality scientific information. You can check if your institution is eligible and apply for access through this link:

  • USP Donor Portal: The USP Donor Portal ( offers free access to the full text of the USP online for eligible donors who contribute reference standards or monographs to the USP. The program aims to recognize and reward the contributions of these donors who help advance the quality and safety of drugs and other products. You can check if you are eligible and register for access through this link:

PDF downloads: Some websites offer free PDF downloads of some volumes or sections of the USP online. However, these websites may not be authorized or updated by the USP and may contain errors or inaccuracies. Therefore, it is advisable to use caution and verify the source and date of these PDF downloads before using them. Some examples of these websites are: 04f6b60f66


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