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the facebook is currently a de facto social network in the world and it ranks 1st as the largest social network by the number of active users. facebooks user base also keeps on growing and it has proven to be a very popular network and also used by many people for communication purposes and also social networking. becasue of this kind of popularity, facebook has been a target of hackers who is trying to break in and steal the personal information of users. in the last few months, an interesting collection of malware has emerged and is named as clickjacking on infecting any facebook account that connects to the internet.

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so, what is the story behind this clickjacking malware and how can you detect it? the malware uses the facebook accounts system to collect data about its victims and share this data with other addresses involved, such as the delivery company or other hidden servers. this process continues until someone is infected and the thief can use the information obtained. the malware resides in the victim computer and maintains a persistent session in order to analyze it and steal the victims personal data, including private messages, photos, or contacts. thus, it is better to be careful and look for any tricks being played on you. if you notice an unwanted activity in your facebook account, then you should close the infected browser tab and remove the malware. if you become an active user of facebook, you should be also careful and ensure that your status or any of your pages are secure. if you get an email from facebook that seems to be important to your account, do not open any of the links provided in the email. just delete the email as soon as you read it.


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