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Corvette Soft Top Installation

Xylene, naphtha or body shop wax and grease remover can be used to remove the tenacious adhesive from all the convertible top frame pieces. Any adhesive inadvertently deposited on the convertible tops visible surfaces during installation should be removed with brake cleaner. Be sure to use an alcohol based brake cleaner, not a dual purpose brake/throttle body cleaner. Other cleaners tend to leave residue on the exterior top surfaces. Avoiding a spill or excessive glue is the best policy, but keep the solvents nearby if necessary. Procrastination can be costly. As the adhesive dries, it gets tougher to remove; remember to move quickly.

Corvette Soft Top Installation


If you are a novice, you may gain some added reassurance by using a camera to document the disassembly process. Between the photos in this article and ones you take on your own, we hope it will make the installation as painless as possible for you.

Your instructions are good with detail . I have upgraded my 90 corvette with the rear heated glass. I have the retro fit kit supplied by Robbins Co. They included printed instructions and black and white photos but I am very concerned about drilling in the right places fro the placement of the pads and springs. Do you have any information e.g pictures in detail . I have no real concern about installing the top but the kit ? I have been searching for quite some time on google and youtube and the like but no luck . Hope you can help or direct me. Gratefully appreciated. Dan R. Delco Pa.

I am installing the convertible soft top on my C4 1987. If i understood right- first of all i have to glue both sides, then rear and than front ? Is it correct? And the sides i have to do at the same time, or just glue one side, dry it and then the other side? Thank you.

Maybe send us an email to with some photos of the pieces you are looking for on your top. We can send you the views out of the GM Shop manual that show the top exploded views and try to locate which piece you are referring to. There are some plastic retainers sewn right into the headliner, but they are not available separate.

Our performance and installation facility is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:30pm (EST). Visit our showroom to setup an appointment to have your Corvette tuned, accessorized, enhanced or more. Read more about our performance and installation facility here. *All work requires an appointment.

A frequent dilemma faced by consumers who are considering purchasing a new convertible is whether to go with a soft-top or hardtop. Though both soft-top and hardtop convertibles have their pros and cons, they are two entirely different applications when it comes to maintenance.

With that said, the soft-top provides one great advantage - it can be detached. So if you find yourself in need of repairing your convertible top, you can still use your car in the interim while the repair process is taking place. Also, keep in mind that the insurance rates for soft-top convertibles are often much higher than those for hardtops. This is because soft-tops are more susceptible to damage and break-ins (due to their easy access) than hardtops, and hence, come with an increased insurance cost.

Corvette Top Fabric:The Chevrolet Corvetteconvertible top fabric was originally pinpoint vinyl for thefifties and sixties Chevy Corvettes. Later Corvettes included Targatops. Our Corvette tops are for the convertible soft topreplacement.

Installing Your Corvette Top:Full restoration of Corvette convertibles is very widespread asCorvette Sting Rays and other Corvette convertibles are nowclassics. The Corvette convertible top can be installed by thedo-it-yourself owner if a good convertible top installation manualis available (and we supply the top install manual whereavailable.) The use of an air staple gun or our heavy duty electricstapler to affix top sections to convertible top frame tackingstrips is required in some model years. The alignment andattachment of convertible top fabric sections to top frame sectionsis also usual. This is done with contact cement and we do offer theHH-66 convertible top contact cement (which you will find under'accessories.'

Dealer Replacement and aftermarket Corvette tops:Our sitelists all of our 'made as original' Corvette soft tops. Corvetteconvertible tops are made utilizing original dealer patterns; theyare not 'copies of copies.' We offer Corvette tops with originalglass and original plastic rear windows, as indicated. Also,convertible tops with non-original plastic rear windows are offeredas cost savings replacement tops in place of original glass, as anoption.

They all look good from 20 foot but you can see the soft top is showing major signs of wear and tear. This will be a very detailed step by step story on how to install a top correctly. This specific top is one of the hardest with many obstacles to overcome making it a perfect candidate to learn the art of soft top installation.

On this particular car the rear glass has its own section of top and is independent from the main top. This makes installation a much more time intensive project. Eric unzipped the window at the top then removed it from the car. As seen at the red arrows the rear curtain tack strips are in three pieces.

DVD includes technical overview of an original factory top, equipment you will need for the installation, and a complete demonstration of removing your old top and properly installing a new top. Approximately 70 mins.\r\n\r\n\r\n\tHelpful Step-By-Step Installation Instructions For The Do-It-Yourselfer\r\n\r\n\r\n \r\n","brand":"@type":"Thing","name":"Al Knoch Interiors"} Home / Holiday Gifts / Books, Manuals & DVD / DVD & CD Rom Corvette Convertible Top Installation DVD, 1956-1962 $92.99 ea NEWARRIVING SOONEstimated Ship Date 03/14/2023 (If Ordered Today) Model: 171662 5662TOP 5662 TOP 49405 25-171662-11000939 0 reviewsWrite a Review Add to Wish List Select a Vehicle or refer to the Vehicle Fitment Tab below to verify that this part fits your vehicle. STANDARDDELIVERY STORE PICKUP[More Info] CALL US844.323.8388 Description Vehicle Fitment Reviews (0) Product Q&A DVD includes technical overview of an original factory top, equipment you will need for the installation, and a complete demonstration of removing your old top and properly installing a new top. Approximately 70 mins.

The SUNTOP Cargo Top for the 4 Door Jeep JL provides the sporty look you're after while protecting you from the elements. This versatile top can be run fully closed for an all-season soft-top, or simply roll the top forward and tuck away the windows for an open-air drive that only a Jeep can provide!

WHAT'S IN THE BOX: This includes the fabric top, rear cargo windows, door surrounds, windshield bar, tailgate bar, and all required hardware to install the top. Nothing from the factory hard or soft top is used.

Convertible top Installation requires a vast amount of expertise, and we here at All Star have what it takes to do the job right. After 22 years, All Star Upholstery has the experience, know-how and skills of more than 3,000 successful top installations under our belt. We are true masters in the industry making us the one upholstery shop you can trust with the car you love so much; and rest assured, we welcome and are accustomed to dealing with most all insurance companies. We will handle any claim you may have for you.

Commonly, we will install a temporary window so you are able to use your vehicle while we are waiting for the replacement window, any additional parts and for the insurance claim to be processed. Once the window and parts arrive, and the insurance company has processed your claim, we will make an appointment with you to bring your car in and leave it with us, usually for just one day. Though, bear in mind that every car is different. But, even though every car is different, we always try to complete your window installation with as little down-time as possible.


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