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Designing Type by Karen Cheng: A Comprehensive Guide to Typeface Development

Designing Type by Karen Cheng: A Comprehensive Guide to Typeface Development

Designing Type is a book by Karen Cheng, a professor of visual communication design at the University of Washington in Seattle. The book aims to provide a specific and comprehensive guide to type design, covering the art and process of developing a typeface from concept to completion. The book is copiously illustrated with type specimens and diagrams demonstrating visual principles and letter construction. The book discusses structure, optical compensation and legibility, with emphasis on the systematic relationships between letters and shapes in a font. The book also analyzes a wide range of classic and contemporary typefaces, and showcases examples of student work, progress sketches and final type designs.

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The book was first published by Laurence King in 2006, and has been widely praised by typographers, graphic designers and students as a valuable reference for both experienced professionals and novice designers. The book was updated and expanded in 2020 by Yale University Press, with new chapters on variables in type design, spacing, proportions, weight and contrast, serif and sans serif styles, script and display types, non-Latin scripts, and digital tools and techniques. The book also features new interviews with leading type designers such as Matthew Carter, Erik Spiekermann, Sumner Stone, Tobias Frere-Jones, Jonathan Hoefler, Christian Schwartz and more.

Designing Type is available in print and digital formats. The print edition has 248 pages and costs $50.00. The digital edition is available as a PDF file with 19 chapters and costs $19.99. You can purchase the book online from various retailers or directly from the publisher's website.Designing Type is not only a practical guide to type design, but also a theoretical exploration of the history and evolution of typography. The book traces the origins and development of various type styles, from the ancient scripts of Egypt, Greece and Rome, to the invention of movable type by Gutenberg, to the emergence of modern typefaces in the 20th and 21st centuries. The book also examines the cultural and social influences that shape the design and use of type, such as politics, religion, technology, art and fashion.

Designing Type is a book that celebrates the diversity and creativity of type design. The book showcases examples of typefaces from different regions and languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, Devanagari, Greek, Hebrew and more. The book also features examples of experimental and expressive typefaces that challenge the conventions and boundaries of typography. The book encourages readers to appreciate the beauty and complexity of type design, and to develop their own skills and vision as type designers.

Designing Type is a book that every type lover should have in their collection. The book is a comprehensive and inspiring resource that will help readers understand the principles and practice of type design. The book is also a testament to the passion and dedication of Karen Cheng, who has devoted her career to teaching and designing type. Designing Type is a book that reflects her love and knowledge of typography, and her desire to share it with others. e0e6b7cb5c


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