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All Things Bare And Beautiful [Extra Quality]

Siblings Chrystina and Luis started Gaia Bare Care out of an absolute co-obsession with awesome skin care services and products in the beautiful Mississippi River town of Dubuque, Iowa. They believe that the power behind looking and feeling great spills positively into all the other areas of life, making being alive, simply put, better.

All Things Bare And Beautiful

Creator God, we thank You for the beauty and wonder of Your creation. Even though we may be adults, we can be filled with awe as we walk on a beach with waves lapping upon our bare feet, as we gaze at the shapes of puffy white clouds and the countless stars in the sky, as we smell and taste fresh apples and peaches picked from trees in a garden, and as we hear songbirds heralding the dawn. Thank You, God! Amen.

Here in the Lomography Magazine, we've always considered it a great honor to meet creatives who continue to put out noteworthy content. It's a beautiful world out there and their photographs convince us to go on and introduce their work to you. And with all the features we've come up in the years of the Magazine, we've learned that some of the most refreshing commentaries come from the most honest people.

Photographer Adrian Ang is one of those. He generously shares his thoughts with us regarding his work and ideas with such humility and grace. We love the way he refers to his work as a "hobby" but in reality, you may be hard-pressed to look for a portraitist with a more honest and beautiful style than his these days.

Waxonomy is best known as your favourite spot for waxing, hair removal & spray tans, but now we're also your beauty shopping bestie. We're your one stop shop for all things beauty. We search for the best of the best & make them accessible locally to you. Shop the best & support local.

Bare people is a series of short interviews with folks who inspire me and who I believe live life whole heartedly and fully. I ask them questions on their daily routines and habits so we can learn and get inspired!I came across Anna's Instagram a while ago and we instantly connected over a Living Libations oil we both love. I knew immediately we would have A LOT to talk about, so I very humbly approached her with a request to try out Bare Origin's products and give her honest review. The fact that Anna is completely love with Bare Origin and even listed our oils as "The best natural beauty products of 2016" meant the World to me. Her site The Absolute Beauty is my go to destination for all things natural, DIY skincare and food recipes and wellness.Here is a few things I asked Anna about.

"Absolute beauty to me means living beauty from within and feeling connected to it in every level. Being whole, being honest, living an honest and ethical lifestyle, staying true to yourself ... all of these things are connected and when you stay connected to these natural sources and rhythms you feel beautiful from inside and out"

Absolute beauty to me means living beauty from within and feeling connected to it in every level. Being whole, being honest, living an honest and ethical lifestyle, staying true to yourself, being kind to yourself and others, having beautiful thoughts, eating natural foods, using natural beauty products, doing things that make you feel beautiful, all of these things are connected and when you stay connected to these natural sources and rhythms you feel beautiful from inside and out.What are your daily practices for a radiant body and soul?I try to incorporate a yoga and meditation practice into my everyday life as much as possible. Meditation is very important to me and helps me to relax, stay calm and centred as much as I can. I practice Kundalini yoga and feel that it is one of the best ways to keep a radiant body and soul, it is absolutely sensational.

My skincare routine consists of 90% oils and serums. My morning routine consists of cleaning my face with organic rose water and applying a little under eye oil, as this is where my skin shows the signs of ageing the most. In the evening I love to cleanse my skin with a balm or a natural cleanser and if I have time I love to indulge in a therapeutic bath with essential oils and salts while applying a nourishing mask on my face. I follow this with a beautiful face oil or a serum.I know you love traveling, how do you keep healthy while on the road?I try to stick to my plant based diet and lifestyle as much as i can while travelling, eating lots of local fresh fruits and vegetable and drinking lots of fresh juices and of course water. Before travelling I always try to google a local vegetarian or vegan places to eat and try them out as soon as I arrive to a new place.Can you share a favorite simple skin care recipe we can easily make at home?You can make an easy, but beautiful hair oil treatment by mixing coconut or argan oils with some essential oils such as lavender, rosemary or cedarwood, and leaving it on the hair for an hour or so or even use it as a night hair treatment.Use lavender oil for treating dry hair and promoting hair growth, rosemary oil is great for treating dandruff, itchy scalp and oily hair, cedarwood oil is great for dry or an oily scalp and it also stimulates hair growth.

David Charles Henshaw Austin OBE was a British rose breeder and writer who lived in Shropshire, England. His emphasis was on breeding roses with the character and fragrance of old garden roses but with the repeat-flowering ability and wide colour range of modern roses such as hybrid teas and floribundas.We are thrilled to continue stocking his beautiful roses again, stop by soon to see them!

Of course, I brought in my favorite Pink Pearl Apples too, but with limited quantities. Another fun one I am excited about is the Weeping Santa Rosa Plums. They have such a beautiful structure this year, not only will it be a focal point in the garden but it will also supply you with loads of fruit!

Do you have an upcoming Special Event that needs a touch of greenery? Want to pass on cut flowers for your wedding & utilize sustainable flowers? The vast majority of our plants can be rented for a modest fee. We'll even deliver, setup and pickup your plant rentals in order to make your Special Event as beautiful and easy as possible!

Rick grew up in the nursery business; following in the footsteps of his father, Dean. A second generation owner, Rick has learned the business through hands-on work with his father in three separate nurseries. From a young boy to present, Rick has spent nearly his entire life acquiring knowledge of all-things-horticulture. From individual plant needs to deer resistant plants and drought resistant trees and shrubs, Rick's horticulture & landscape background stretches out over 40 years!

If red is the colour of passion and anger, and green is the colour of spring and the world of nature, what does the colour yellow symbolise? Poets writing about yellow things have often focused on the yellow leaves of autumn, or the yellow hair of a beautiful woman, among other things. Below are ten of the greatest poems about the colour yellow.

Turkeys are dark overall with a bronze-green iridescence to most of their plumage. Their wings are dark, boldly barred with white. Their rump and tail feathers are broadly tipped with rusty or white. The bare skin of the head and neck varies from red to blue to gray.

To bare is to uncover, either by removing clothes or revealing something. It's getting down to the bare bones. Bare-knuckled or barehanded means the gloves are off. Don't walk on glass in bare feet, and don't bare your soul to a con artist. Let's reveal a few good examples of bare:

When you kick off your shoes to walk on the beach, you are enjoying the feeling of your bare feet in the warm sand. The adjective bare describes something or someone that is naked or unclothed. Continue reading...

10) Although these beautiful creatures are protected by law, and not classed as an endangered species, their habitat is under threat. Sadly, around 80% of koala habitat has been lost to human homes, drought and bushfires.

The tall, beautiful iris, named after the Greek goddess who rode rainbows, comes in many magical colors. Despite its divine origins, this beautiful flower is rugged, reliable, and easy to grow. Learn all about planting, growing, and caring for iris flowers.

I moved from Paris to Sydney on my own at the age of 21 to continue my studies and found myself in the process. I consider myself lucky to have a full life where new experiences, quality time with loved ones, and a genuine curiosity for most things is at the heart of everything I do.

The Nitro architecture also enabled us to make the hypervisor layeroptional and offer bare metal instances. Bare metal instances provideapplications with direct access to the processor and memory resources ofthe underlying server.

This is important for workloads that require access to the hardwarefeature set, such as Intel VT-x, and for applications that need to runin non-virtualized environments for licensing or support requirements.For example, I3 bare metal instances enable VMware to run their fullSoftware-Defined Data Center (SDDC) stack, including the ESXihypervisor, directly on AWS managed infrastructure.

Figure 3 below shows the jitter comparison for this customer when itused different instance types: C4 (pre-Nitro), C5, and I3.metal. As youcan see, there is significantly lower jitter with C5 and I3.metal. Youcan also see that the performance impact from the hypervisor in anon-bare metal instance is light.

Planting bare root strawberries is pretty straightforward, but there are some steps you'll want to make sure that you don't miss when you do. In this article, organic gardening expert Logan Hailey walks you through what bare root strawberries are, how to plant them, and what time of year is the best time to plant them.


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