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Windows 10 V1.3.7

------------------------------------------------------v1.3.7: beastmen_nomad.csv> offmap_powers.csv> ulricanadditions.csv> wh_ToS_localisation.csv> 000_breto_mer_name.csv> 00_cultural_titles.csv> 00_marriage_correction.csv> 00_religious_titles.csv> wh_ToS_localisation.csv- moved the contents of 00_comanders.csv to 00_cultural titles- Removed warpstone health malus for now due to skaven mass dying from it- Added kharan_the_blighted_bloodline for Kharan who invaded Bretonnia- Created a dynasty for kharan- Added nickname for Kharan "the Blight"- Changes to consorts in amazonia- rework of the pet consort trait- DR_Pirate_events should now be correct- Added a bit of piety to the elector counts- fixed missing namespace for darkelfmagic events- Fixed the one legged, eyed, one handed for DR_pirate_events.txt- Removed monthly wealth for peasant traits.- Buffed holy orders a bit- Witch Hunters were supposed to get 4 ducats a month, but only got like 0.2. Since apparently monthly_income transferred to yearly income on titles just because. Fixed.- hobgoblin_nomadic vassals are now callable- Added peasant "Gen Waifield" as an knight- You can no longer dejure claim and tribute cbs on the witch hunters without expelling them first.- Fixed wrong scripted trigger for warrior lodges- Limited Grail Shrines to characters with the Grail religion or Top Liege with the Grail religion- Changed Olricstaad building location from "b_kirkja_hiti" to "b_olricfjord"- Added Skaven city buildings "Warpstone Generator" and "Laboratory"- Changed several Norscan Dynasty names to match lore- Added government flavour entries for many of the new governments including 3 tiers for the Eonir government and 2 tiers for the myrmidian governments- Fixed the Hobgoblin charframe switrching bug- Added cultural name swaps for titles in the southlands for cathayan and jade vampire cultures- Made several changes to landed titles set up history at start- Added a few titular titles "d_skulltakers" "c_skulltakers" and "e_realm_horned_one"- Eldership succession unlocked for tilea/estalia/myrmidia governments- Skulltakers added to military elective succession- Added the groundwork for the Horned Rat offmap power- offmap_currency for the Skaven offmap labled "monthly_warpstone_tokens" or "warpstone_tokens"- Cleaned up on_Action entry for ARMS.2 # Standard Found event- Delayed the stillborn birth fix by 1 day to allow racial traits to correct themselves- Fixed RETTYPE_CUL_EONIR2 active block and modifier- Some Skaven traits now apply "monthly_warpstone_tokens"- Added a "Royal Trading Hall" wonder upgrade for Marienburg- First draft of new Norscan wonder added "wonder_norse_heorot"- Added a trigger_if block and made some minor changes to the "claim_high_kingship" decision for dawi- Cleaned up references to vanilla in "culture_conversion_events"- Lots of clean-up and some rewrites to the dwarf reunification events and voting system- Simplified council job calculation code based on skill to use set triggers "job_event_mtth_modifier_diplomacy_score" etc.- Some clean up and expansion to the alliance scripts for The Empire- Small fixes to region code in the hunting events file- Province 1914 is no longer a major river #Halkildfjord- Added 3 new provinces for a total of 2445- Renamed "Halkildfjord" to "IceDrake Fjord"- Updated regions in the map files to reflect recent additions and changes to Norsca and the Underempire- Province border changes in Norsca- Lots of History changes for characters in Norsca- fixed all cases of "ÃÂÂ" in the localisation files after the correction of files to ANSI- Added containing all insformation for balancing and creating new artifacts- Reworked "03_artifacts_druchii" - added a manifest, organized and balanced- Adjusted artifact spawns for druchii- Created system to allocate artifact amounts based on tier (see Split artifact spawns between generic and magic categories for granularity- Moved all mounts to a separate file in the artifact section unless they are character unique- Reworked "20_artifacts_mounts" - added a manifest, organized and balanced- All mounts now have stacking = no checks- Fixed some artifacts not applying to slots- Some mounts will also get a combat rating matching the artifact tier, alternatively they may get days_of_supply for pack animals- All mounts should now be integrated into the AI check system that forces them to switch to the best mount in their treasury- Added a new slot for artifacts, limiting the number of familiars equipped to 2 at a time- All Dwarfs can now use runes and master runes not just runesmiths and runelords, the latter two types of dwarf are the only ones who can create runes however- The great book of grudges is now a tome slot not a library slot- Added a trinket slot to limit the modifier creep from random artifacts in your treasury- Merged Kislev, Bretonnia, Empire artifacts into "20_artifacts_mortal_realms" - added a manifest, organized and balanced- Reworked "11_artifacts_dwarfs" - added a manifest, organized and balanced- Merged event "aicleanup.033" which destroys cursed artifacts on death into event "55520" which destroys no_inherit artifacts on death- Reworked "09_artifacts_lizardmen" - added a manifest, organized and balanced- Reformatted history/technology- Reformatted half of history/titles (need to do duchy, count, empire files)- Added names to the offmap powers missing them in history/offmap_powers- Reformatted history/characters/1000_albion added a manifest, re-ID characters from 1000 range to 100 range- Reformatted history/characters/2000_halfling_mootlander added a manifest, re-ID characters from 2000 ( was 5200 for some reason ) range to 200 range- Reformatted history/characters/3000_halfling_miyan added a manifest, re-ID characters from 3000 ( was 5100 for some reason ) range to 300 range- Shifted character age and name on the GUI so they dont overlap in extreme cases- Reformatted history/characters/4000_amazon added a manifest, re-ID characters from 4000 range to 400 range- Landed more Amazon rulers amongst the existing holdings, added some consorts and magic users to a few courts- Reformatted history/characters/ruinous_powers added a manifest, cleaned up character code- Added add_twenty_five_duel_experience_modifier to allow history files to quickly power characters without using a lot of the add_ten_duel_experience_modifier- Allowed Slaan to be commanders- Reworked title_commander "allowed_to_hold" for readability and allowed ogres to be commanders for other races- Reformatted history/characters/5000_ogres added a manifest, re-ID characters from 5000 range to 500 range- Added 15 Ogre mercenaries to various courts in the old world and beyond- Restored "Sha'shala" as the ruler of the Lustrian Cathayan enclave- Moved and made some minor adjustments to the easter egg character that replaced her- Reformatted history/characters/5400_oriental added a manifest, re-ID characters from 5400 range to 600 range- Lowered the cost of becoming chosen, champion and prince for AI- Marriage system tweaks to fix bugs and performance- Sylvanian oldage pointing to wrong gfx fixed- A fix for Ruler Designer crashes when selecting certain cultures- Fix for unlanded Patrician offmap chaos interactions- Interracial marriage now works if turned on- Introduced beastmen interspecies marriage pruning to slow them breeding out the chaos wastes- Added some piety requiremets for the anti-magic war- Fixed stacking of opinion_spared_witch- Magic law fixes- pleasure_twist disabled for use on the everqueen and everqueen heir- Added has_impious_trait_trigger to make it a bit more limited in its usage- Igor should no longer go negative in prestige- Kraka hyfol now has the right culture- Fixed Dustpaq positions- Deleted some old code related to stealing and gifting artifacts as they were ancient and redundant- stromfels_group allowed access to the slavery system- Fixed numerous instances of "old_gods_group" which should actually reference "northern_gods"- Allowed "stromfels_group" to purchase armaments from the Dawi Zharr- Extra scripting added to norscan events and enabled some old events for northern god conversion after updating code- Restructured the slavery system, streamlined the variables. Retained some depth and while promoting balance- Deployed slaves now raises local revolt risk- Deployed slaves no longer lower build time (costs less not faster)- The bonus to vassal_opinion for "succ_bretonnia_elective" changed to feudal_opinion- Nurgle now likes the trusting trait- Slightly reworked "Duel_effect" as part of Everchosen quest fix- Reworked opinion_modifiers for the "knights_of_brettonia" society (Was 45+ now closer to 15+)- Impaler, Wroth, and Cruel are now negative instead of positive traits for the "knights_of_brettonia" society- Fixed the bug where you could invite members to you cult who had already joined- Added some easter egg code for the "Egg of Quango"- Ice witches removed from mage ward teaching system for now as its handled through the society- Added easter egg code for the Winter Equinox for norscan_gods- AI excluded from some warrior lodge missions- Bloodthirsty Gods: The Mass Sacrifice re-enabled for Khornate followers- Event CC.1 added to properly clear known cultist flags- Fixed the Everchosen event chain- Fixed Harskamp start culture and religion- magic_power modifiers removed from Magic Offmap GUI trigger as they are mostly redundant and can cause some bugs- Repaired Isabella von Carstein generic vampire bug- Expanded the remove_race_trait_effect to include goblin and orc size traits- create_[daemon]_effect changed slightly to use remove_race_trait_effect to eradicate edge cases- Feudal dawi bug fixed- Should have fixed the society grandmaster power to summon disciples- Added beastman_government to has_tribal_or_nomadic_government_trigger- Champion decisions on the undivided offmap have all been fixed- Fixed localisation error for the mark of tzeentch for undivided- Undivided offmap favour now resets upon death- Conversion to vampire triggers now properly clear chaos offmap favour- Removed potential blocks from bloodthirsty gods traits so they should no longer reset when you reload the game- Reworked the Cleanse Greenskin decision to show no upfront cost since its scaled wealth based on location, and removed pretige cost to back out from the decision- Slightly reworked success chance and cost calculation for cleanse greenskin decision- Overhauled Druchii Building Lists, Each culture gets a unique version of a building tree, Tribals got some love with expanded lists, exceptions made for the easter egg Tzeentch DruchiiSpecial Units> Castles - War Beasts> Cities - Chariots> Temples - Magic Spells- Changed just a few tribal cultures for the druchii- Modified how cold ones vs dark riders potential for druchii- Adjusted math for norsca.1-5 events, moved them to a decade pulse and limited them slightly- Adjusted math for norsca.1 and moved to a longer pulse- Adjusted the weak heir collapse in Norsca to only fire for demense sizes larger than 2- Adjusted math for norsca.1-5 events to only fire for norscan_gods- Norscan Tribal Gov now only gives +1 concubine instead of +5- Grail society fixed to allow all members as long as they are> religion = grail> trait = noble> is_adult = yes> is_female = no- Fixed Bretonnian Trebuchet stats- Fixed commander requirements for orcs and goblins- Updated family palace requirements to create a slaver post- Excluded creature goblins from the marriage system- small fixes to characters using the anti death system- exterminating greenskins in world_troll_region now changes culture to ropsmann instead of kislevite- Fixed bug: gaining stats when hiring goblin courtiers- Chaos court can now call vassals to arms.- Becoming daemon prince of khorne now requires the correct offmap value.- You can no longer become a daemon prince of chaos when you are already a daemon prince- Becoming a champion/chosen/prince of a specific god will now give you their respective religion- Created few dark elf characers.- Druchii Sorceresses under malekith should no longer be thrown to agnatic- Allowed dreuchii to use the court mage mechanics.> Male mages living under malekith are of course outlawed.> Elves have lower requirement to pass.> Elves can become apprentice even when adult. Minimum of 15 learning required when adult.- Added sisters of twilight icon and trait- Added sisters of twilight to the anti death engine- Added some new hair colors to asrai, asur, druchhii chaos dwarves, kurgans, tileans, estalians and the amazons- Changed the culture modifier of the asrai to me more distinct from the asur- DNA changes to the sisters of twilight so that their appearance is closer to lore- Added some modifiers to the Oak of Ages- Fixed Ogre trait localisation- Added Orion and Ariel to the immortal engine- Adjusted static modifiers, added forest and jungle terrain modifier- Adjusted asrai retinues- Added a truce to Bretonnia at game start- Greenskin extermination ai weight changes- Nomadic governmant changes> Severe crash fixes:- game does not support changing nomadic governments (order to chaos and vice verca)- If an heir is in a different religion group than the father it chanegs the heir to the rulers religion- Trading decisions issue fixed- Fixed Replublics so they are playable again- Seperated world_troll_country from kislev and norsca regions, since it causes ai to gain -100 IQ (on top of their zero IQ) and destory their armies marching in to Norsca- Added a cb to kill skaven surface realms- Buffed imperial wonders a bit since ai is still struggeling against local threats until we can implement overhaul- Temporarily removed the wonder from the oak of ages- Cleaned up the tooltip for the unique Herdstone buildings for beastmen- Overhauled the custom map mode module, the third section is now entirely dedicated to warhammer specific map modes as intended:> Places of Power are tied to the corresponding gameplay element, this allows you to see them and their respective game states visually> Ulthuan Depopulation is tied to the corresponding province variables allowing you to visualize their impact (especially useful when planning invasions as the Druchii)> Corruption allows you to track the location of warpdust traces, warpstone meteors, and warpstone veins. As well as visualize the impact of vampiric corruption as necromancers cast spells and raise the dead> Lustrian Jungle is tied to the corresponding province variables allowing you to visualize their impact (especially useful when planning invasions as a colony or defending the temples as Lizardmen)> Beastmen Presence shows you the location of herdstones, scattered beastmen, beastmen unrest, and the various levels of beastmen scourging> Greenskin Presence shows you the location of scattered greenskins, and the various levels of greenskin population- Added the first pass of one of our more important game systems: Places of PowerThese represent the leylines, ogham stones, cruxes, and all other symbolic or magically connected places across the world.These locations passively affect the Doom Counter and should tie into players mid/long term goalsFor now only the core regions of the Old World have been implemented as well as some of the Wastes as we work to dial in the math and the performance impact of locationsThere are several stages for places of power: Active, Inactive, Corrupt, Drained> Active places of power drain points directly from the doom counter> Inactive places of power have no effect> Corrupt places of power contribute points directly to the doom counter> Drained places of power have been rendered temporarily inactive for an alternative effectPlaces of power can be corrupted or restored as long as you meet several qualifications and the location is under your controlFor now the ability to drain them has been disabled until the next round of events are added and we add the Lizardmen Places of Power(meditate_pop_order, meditate_pop_corrupt)- Merged aicleanup.013 which sets dwarfs old age GFX with aicleanup.007 which distributes old age traits- All characters given the old age trait will now get the infertile trait- Cleaned up localization for the Doom level notifier so it fits in the message box- Added missing terrain types to prosperity engine- Changed fatandira to be of Arabyan origin- Changed fatandira to be of shallyan religion- First pass adding shallyan retinues- Border princes have much more flexibility when it comes to succession laws- Added a morrian ruler to the border princes- Increased AI weight for daemon prince clickers.- Some minor changes to Doom Counter math and events- Doom notifier is now a decade pulse instead of every 5 years- Overhaul of several maintenance and set up events including:> aiclean.1 # Event changes religion of nomadic heirs if they are from a different religion group on_death> aiclean.2 # On Succession event - if holder of Samur's Witch Hunter chapter is not a Witch Hunter, the title disappears.> aiclean.3 # on_death to pass Avelorn to the next Everqueen> aiclean.4 # Inheritance of Everqueen ping from aiclean.3> aiclean.5 # Everqueen/Phoenix King trait lost, bi-yearly pulse> aiclean.6 # On_birth, dwarf children should not be old already> aiclean.7 # Distribute Old age traits> aiclean.8 # Demand Vassal Conversion rework (ROOT is the demander, FROM is the vassal)> aiclean.9 # Demand Vassal Conversion rework ping (ROOT is the vassal, FROM is the demander)> aiclean.10 # Spell failed event (null event)> aiclean.11 # Remove woodwalking event (fired on timer)> aiclean.12 # Greenskin Government maintanance> aiclean.13 # on_death of Master, free all mage apprentices> aiclean.14 # Give the proper age traits to dwarves at start up (perhaps change to long term on action)> aiclean.15 # Special Titles break on the character's death> aiclean.16 # on_death Big Akghan succession, creates a new character and pings aiclean.2 to give titles> aiclean.17 # on_death Big Akghan succession or The holder of the university of Martek is always a scholar, creates a new character and pings aiclean.17 to give titles> aiclean.18 # on_adolescence, elves receive the youngling trait, preventing them from wasting themselves in lowborn marriages.> aiclean.19 # After 45, elves lose their youngling traits and can be married off.> aiclean.20 # Court cleansing for Khemri Servants and Skaven Breede


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