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What is Autofluid 2009 and Why You Need It

If you are a professional who works with fluid networks, such as air conditioning, heating or sanitary systems, you know how important it is to design, calculate and document your projects efficiently and accurately. You also know how challenging it can be to deal with complex and dynamic systems that require constant adjustments and modifications. That's why you need a software suite that can help you with all aspects of your work, from drafting to sizing to reporting. That's why you need Autofluid 2009.

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Autofluid 2009: A Software Suite for Fluid Network Professionals

Autofluid 2009 is a software suite that allows you to create, edit and manage fluid network projects in AutoCAD. It consists of four modules: AutoSANI for sanitary networks, AutoGAZ for gas networks, AutoFLUID for air conditioning and heating networks, and AutoSPRINK for sprinkler networks. Each module has its own specific features and functions, but they all share the same interface and logic, making them easy to use and integrate.

Autofluid 2009: More Intelligent Entities

One of the main advantages of Autofluid 2009 is that it uses more intelligent entities than standard AutoCAD objects. These entities are able to recognize and interact with each other, as well as with the environment. For example, when you draw a pipe or a duct, Autofluid 2009 automatically assigns it a diameter, a material, a flow rate and a pressure. When you connect two pipes or ducts, Autofluid 2009 automatically creates a fitting or a junction that matches the diameters and angles of the connected elements. When you move or modify an element, Autofluid 2009 automatically updates the connected elements and recalculates the network parameters.

Autofluid 2009: More Flexible Options

Another advantage of Autofluid 2009 is that it gives you more flexibility and options to customize your projects according to your needs and preferences. For example, you can choose between single line or double line representation for your networks, depending on the level of detail you want to show. You can also insert inspection plugs, connections, modifications and annotations easily with a few clicks. You can switch between different views of your network, such as plan view, elevation view or isometric view.

Autofluid 2009: More Accurate Calculations

A third advantage of Autofluid 2009 is that it performs more accurate calculations for your fluid networks than manual methods or other software. Autofluid 2009 uses advanced algorithms and formulas to compute the flow rates, pressures, velocities, losses and diameters of your pipes and ducts. It also takes into account the properties of the fluids, the materials of the elements, the fittings and the valves. You can check the results of your calculations in a worksheet that shows all the relevant data and graphs. You can also export your calculations to Excel or PDF formats.

Autofluid 2009: More Professional Reports

A fourth advantage of Autofluid 2009 is that it generates more professional reports for your fluid network projects than other software. Autofluid 2009 allows you to create customized reports that include all the information you need to present your work to your clients or colleagues. You can choose what data to include in your reports, such as drawings, calculations, tables, graphs or notes. You can also format your reports with different styles, fonts and colors. You can print your reports directly from Autofluid 2009 or save them as PDF files.


As you can see, Autofluid 2009 is a powerful software suite that can help you with all aspects of your fluid network projects. It offers more intelligent entities, more flexible options, more accurate calculations and more professional reports than other software. It also integrates seamlessly with AutoCAD, making it easy to use and compatible with other CAD tools. If you want to improve your productivity and quality of work as a fluid network professional, you should try Autofluid 2009 today. 4e3182286b


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