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Where To Buy Sakrete EXCLUSIVE

The thing you really need to decide on is whether you should use a concrete mix or a mortar mix. Mortar is a better choice for holding bricks, stones, or boulders together, whereas concrete is a better choice for both large structures and flat surfaces. The choice is yours.

where to buy sakrete

Professional high early strength blend of Portland cement, sand and gravel formulated to attain high early strengths and superior durability. For repair and building jobs where concrete thickness exceeds 2 In. Ideal for areas that will be subjected to heavy loads and high traffic areas such as building walks, drives, patios and steps, as well as pouring footings and setting posts and poles. Also excellent for concrete countertops where high strength is required (minimum thickness of 1-1/2 In.). Can be mixed in mortar box, wheelbarrow, or mechanical mixer. When used as directed in accordance with ASTM C 387 Specification, SACKRETE 5000 Plus Concrete Mix exceeds 5000 psi after 28 days. 041b061a72


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